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A master at all things Google, Fili Wiese is one of the most knowledgeable SEOs in our industry. His theories and techniques for online promotions are sound and effective. You should hire him before your competitor does!

Marcus Tandler

Fili has been a driving force behind many search quality improvements in Google in general and for the Dutch language markets in particular. [...] I lost count of the many tools Fili has developed internally but many of those are now core to the search quality operations at Google.

Reinoud Vaandrager

If you really want to advance your SEO skills, whatever your current level, I would highly recommend getting involved in some training with Fili.

Martin Hayman

Fili is known for his exhaustive industry knowledge and web search expertise both inside Google as well as outside Google.

Selina Choo

Fili is the go-to guy for advanced SEO.

Geir BrĂ¥ Ellefsen

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