About Online.Marketing

Online.Marketing was created in 2016 by ex-Google engineer and SEO expert Fili as a place to keep track of the numerous conferences in the industry. Since then it has grown with more quality listings.

You can contribute!

Despite countless hours of checking and rechecking content before publication, it is likely that through human error or updates on the destination websites, some inaccuracies may occur. You can help fix these inaccuracies, by going to the relevant listing and click on the edit icon, which will allow you to submit the proposed changes for Fili to review. Do note that it may take at minimum a few days, up to a few weeks, for proposed changes to be processed.

No monatery affiliation!

All content is manually reviewed, curated and manually published. None of the links on this website are affiliate links. If you click on any of the links or use any of the provided discount code, the website owner Fili does not get any money. Any savings are passed on the you, the visitor. This website is primarily sponsored in personal time, energy and love by Fili.

Fili dislikes ads on websites as much as most people. However, to pay for cost of developing and running this website, at times an ad of a single advertiser can be displayed on the website. However to protect the user experience (including site speed) and the privacy of the users of this website, the ad is not loaded through any third-party tool and displaying the ad will not allow the advertiser to track or see any user visiting this website, unless the user clicks on the ad or link and is recorded on the destination website.

So you know that the content on this website is impartial, and biased only by the personal experience and opinion of ex-Google engineer Fili. As such, when something is marked as "recommended" or "discouraged", then this is based on the personal opinion and/or experience of Fili, and not based on a monetary affiliation scheme.

Technologies used

This website is manually coded, line by line, by ex-Google engineer Fili. This site is:

  • Programmed in Python 3;
  • Runs on Google App Engine, Python 3 Standard Environment;
  • Uses Django, Google Compute Engine, Google Firestore, Google Cloud SQL and Google Cloud Tasks for maintenance;
  • Uses Google Cloud CDN for edge caching;
  • Uses gunicorn, Flask and Jinja2 for rendering pages;
  • Adheres to a progressive enhancement, mobile friendly, "faster is better" and "content first with minimal commercial intent" approach;
  • And uses a self-hosted version of Plausible for tracking.
If you want to know more or want to improve the traffic and/or ranking of your website with SEO, contact Fili.

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