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Meet Fili Wiese, internationally recognized and leading SEO expert, well known speaker, ex-Google engineer and was part of the Google Search Quality team improving the Google Search Results for its users.

Fili Wiese specializes in providing marketing professionals and website owners actionable search engine optimization advice that increase relevant search engine traffic to their websites.

  • Have trouble ranking in search engines?
  • Confused by conflicting SEO information publicly available?
  • Received a manual penalty (aka manual action) from Google?
  • Want a SEO Workshop to bring your team to the next level?
  • Need your website audited for SEO risks and/or missed SEO opportunities?

Look no further, SEO expert Fili Wiese will take you and your business to the next level!

Fili Wiese is truly the world's leading SEO expert on the topic of Google webmaster policies, Google penalties, Google's internal processes, backlink risks, whitehat link building techniques and he is the go-to-guy when it comes to technical on-page SEO and successfully solving Google penalties.

Fili Wiese Speaking about Search Engine Optimization
Izzi Smith

I attended Fili's talk at the SEO Campixx 2018 in Berlin regarding Link building in 2018. The presentation was engaging, entertaining and inspiring! I left with plenty of take aways and new ideas.

Working at Google

While working at Google for seven years Fili Wiese was a Google engineer and part of the Google Search Quality team where he:

  • Penalized countless websites
  • Was the driving force behind and creator of the internal Google web spam policy (answering which, to what and how long to apply a Google penalty)
  • Created and maintained many internal Google tools
  • Was part of the Google reconsideration team
  • Was the technical lead for several languages in tackling web spam
  • Reviewed and approved Google penalties submitted by others in the team
  • Trained many fellow team members in web spam detection and policy
  • Acted as official spokesperson in public for Google Search Quality in the official Google webmaster forums, on the official Google webmaster blog and speaking at conferences

Google SEO Consultant and ex-Google engineer Fili Wiese

Contact Fili Wiese to take the SEO of your website to the next level.

Given Fili Wiese's expertise as a Google SEO consultant in advanced technical on-page search engine optimization and Google linking policies, he is also on the DeepCrawl Advisory Board and acts as an official brand ambassador for Majestic.

Fili Wiese also provides regular feedback to SEO services such as Screaming Frog, SearchMetrics and Link Research Tools.

Bob Rains

In a room full of smart people who know SEO Fili still stands out as one of the smartest people in the room. His understanding of the framework and right path of executing SEO and fixing issues is broader than most folks in the field. People call me an expert and I regularly seek Fili's thoughts before making big changes or interacting directly with Google. He's the dude's dude.

Sharing SEO Knowledge

Through speaking at conferences, seo consulting services, written publications, interviews and his low-volume mailing list at Online.Marketing Fili Wiese regularly shares his advanced and in-depth search engine optimization knowledge and skills with his audiences.

Interviews and Coverage

Written Publications

Contact Fili Wiese if you want to interview an ex-Google engineer.

What Others Say About Fili Wiese

Sam Silverwood-Cope

Fili is hunter turned gamekeeper, or is it the other way round? From years of working behind the lines, he therefore knows the intricate details of the workings of Google algorithms, the impact of them and the resolution for any penalty issues.

Duane Forrester

Smart, technical, methodical, thorough. just some of the words that describe Fili and his approach to work. I've known him for years and count myself lucky to be able to draw on his knowledge. he delivers results, plain and simple. he also keeps an eye open on emerging trends to understand how they impact the work he's doing. Simply cannot say enough good things about Fili!

Matt Storms

I recommend Fili for all of your deep technical SEO issues that you are stuck with. I have come across very few people that can understand and be able to explain issues so that others can comprehend them as well as Fili does.

Lukasz Zelezny

He is one of the top skilled SEO currently operating on the market.

Tristan Pirouz

Fili is the go-to-guy with everything regarding SEO.

Reinoud Vaandrager

Fili has been a driving force behind many search quality improvements in Google in general and for the Dutch language markets in particular. [...] I lost count of the many tools Fili has developed internally but many of those are now core to the search quality operations at Google.

Marshall King

I have found Fili to be hugely knowledgeable on all the latest issues and opportunities in SEO.

Raphael Fontes

Fili is a great professional to work with. He is extremely smart, is very passionate about the web and was one of the key senior members of the team [at Google].

Miguel Silva Rodrigues

Fili has been a true powerhouse at Google for many years: supporting and spearheading anti-abuse operations; developing internal tools; providing training to newer employees; and representing Google at many external events.

Alfredo Pulvirenti

Fili has been one of the most creative, smart colleagues I've worked within Google.

Joost de Valk

On top being very knowledgeable about search and search optimization, and being able to help people get the very best out of their websites while staying within the Google guidelines, he's also a great guy to hang out with.

Jonas Weber

I only know 2 experts with an extremely outstanding knowledge in technical and on-page SEO. Fili is one of them.

Tim Grice

His SEO knowledge and insight is second to none, and his presentation style is engaging as well as informative.

Kaspar Szymanski

Fili is one of the smartest people I've ever had the pleasure working with.


Forget Matt Cutts, Fili Wiese is the UK’s rival. You know you’re in trouble when he starts making notes during a conference! Joking aside Google usually keep so much close to their chest when it comes to the SEO community and Fili is such a breath of fresh air and rightly has a place as the most influential person in the UK search industry.

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See Fili Wiese Speak

Fili Wiese is a well known speaker and internationally recognized and leading SEO expert.

Fili speaks about a wide range of topics in the field of search engine optimization and online marketing at digital marketing conferences and search marketing events around the world. Every presentation is tailored to the audience of the event, so no talk is the same.

Fili Wiese's contagious passion for search engine optimization and his in-depth knowledge as an ex-Google engineer provides the audience with a truly unique, motivating, informative and inspiring experience.

Alana Jones

If you are looking for an experienced SEO speaker, I'd recommend Fili.

Here are some of the events Fili Wiese will be speaking at or has spoken at.

Upcoming Events

Alexandra Saless

Fili was one of our speakers at the ITB Berlin Convention 2017 (the world's leading travel industry think tank). His workshop on the 'Secrets of Search Engine Rankings' was our most popular workshop [...] We highly recommend Fili as an expert on SEO.

Contact Fili Wiese to meet in person and discuss your SEO at any of the upcoming events.

Past Events

Kelvin Newman

I invited Fili along to BrightonSEO take part in a panel, it’s one of the most successful sessions we've run in the history of the event. I wish every panel we run could be that popular!

Former Google Search Quality for your SEO!

Ready to take your SEO to the next level?

At SearchBrothers.com Fili Wiese works as SEO expert together with fellow former Google Search Quality team member Kaspar Szymanski and specializes in providing SEO consulting services such as:

  • SEO Audits
  • SEO Competitor Analysis
  • Google Penalty Recovery
  • Google Algorithmic Updates, like Google Panda, Google Penguin and Google Fred
  • Backlink Analysis
  • In-house SEO workshops

Want to know how former senior Google Search Quality team members can take your SEO to the next level, or want Fili Wiese to speak at your next event? Contact Fili Wiese using the form below.

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